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Learn About Union Real Estate

Founded in 1932 by A.J. Aberman and led for many years by I.E. Danovitz and Rebecca N. Bodek with offices in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Union Real Estate has grown to become one of the largest property management companies in Western Pennsylvania.

The leadership of the company was handed down to Jan Levinson in 1979. With Ed Kernisky by his side, Jan expanded Union Real Estate’s portfolio to include high-end national tenants and shopping center development stretching to counties east and north of Allegheny County, building upon a foundation of strong family values.

In 2023, Jan stepped aside and Union Real Estate’s long time VP of Finance, Michele DeMarco, took over the helm. Michele’s strong leadership and impeccable reputation in the Pittsburgh community will provide a seamless transition for the company. Click here to read more about it.

Union Real Estate manages Office, Retail and Multi-Family properties. They also offer Property Management services for commercial and residential real estate properties, Tenant Representation services for tenants looking for office or retail space and sales expertise when selling property.

Union Real Estate AJ Aberman, Founder of Union Real Estate
AJ Aberman, Founder of Union Real Estate
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